Investments pouring into the local economy. It was what made Singapore a first world state, coupled with an investment responsive government system that encourages investments to thrive because the benefits are funneled back to the locals and the government. This seemingly ideal scenario however is punctuated by a credible government that prized incorruptibility, efficiency and stability, pioneered by the late Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew.

An investment responsive environment is indeed an entrepreneur’s dream. One which does not curtail the opportunities an entrepreneur seeks since these opportunities create a multiplier effect for the local economy in terms of taxes, job creation, and business creation and for homegrown developer Goshen Land, it is the mentoring, life coaching and development of people to see them have changed lives.


From local street kids, public school kids who have been touched by their Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility (ESR) programs to local communities who benefited from the assistance they received from Goshen Land to local individuals and families whose lives changed for the better and prospered, Goshen Land looks forward to creating more multiplier effects for the community where its projects are situated.

Thus, with its compact, master planned community development soon to rise in front of the new Agri-Pinoy Trade  Center in La Trinidad called Greenfields, Goshen Land looks forward to continuing  the ESR programs it started in La Trinidad years ago  that caters to disadvantaged public school kids in barangay Lubas and municipal social welfare office referred Out of School kids. Disadvantaged and abused women and children will also form part of Goshen Land’s ESR programs for La Trinidad this year.***

-from your friends at Goshen Land

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