Parents of Five (2nd of a Series)

This was my personal post last year on Facebook that got my heart to laugh and realize how kids get secure the best when they know and see that Dad and Mom love and honor each other.

ij and debbie for parents of five part 2

So I could have another baby sister or brother again please?" Our 7 year old son IJ does not want his little sister Debbie to grow up but he noticed he can't stop time. So he pleaded with me to marry his daddy again so he could have another option of getting his wish.

Alex and I decided early on that the greatest gift we could give our children is our love for each other. As our kids are growing up and as God ushers in new seasons in our family, we have seen that nothing secures our kids better than when they see and experience at home that their Dad loves their Mom so much. As ironic as it may seem, material things do not secure children. What shepherds their hearts to be open to correction, mentoring and teaching from us is when they see that Dad and Mom love each other which redowns to loving them unconditionally. This is because kids respond positively to training when it is done in a loving environment. Parents in love usually make happy dads and moms, as well as happy and secure kids. But it is not automatic. Love is not an emotion but an action, a decision a couple makes for a lifetime which takes victory over petty quarrels and emotional roller coaster rides in marriage and parenting.*** Annabelle Bangsoy