The Coutryards Cabins

With the rising need for living spaces in Baguio as the city attracts more domestic and international tourists and students, The Courtyards Lodges was chosen by some locals and OFWs as their investment home in Baguio.

Choosing The Courtyards Lodges was a decision for them to have a hard asset investment they could touch where they can realize their investment not just in the future but also in the present.

The Courtyards Lodges gives their investment security because it is a hard asset, not merely a piece of paper with a promise. The Courtyards Lodges with its exclusive amenities makes for a premium affordable investment home where one can enjoy his life’s hard work in the present, when one is alive and still feel the comforting presence of the Baguio fog.*** -from your friends at Goshen Land

Pavilion at The Courtyards master planned community***