Benefits of Praying for Our Kids

Bangsoy Kids
Bangsoy Kids

We are blessed with five kids, each one unique, each one with a different calling, different DNA, different wiring of the brains, all of them beautifully and wonderfully made by God. But we don’t know how we could have survived the risks and challenges of raising our kids without prayer. One of  the most daunting challenges as first time parents when we had our first child was to entrust our baby to a family member to just hold her even in our presence.  Somehow the overwhelming feeling was, “Oh no, she might drop my baby!” and I (Annabelle) wasn’t comfortable letting someone else hold my baby, even if they were  family members. It might have been seen as being “overly stingy” over letting them enjoy my baby by cuddling her too but I was a first time mother and I was learning as I went along.

As our kids grew up, with our first baby now in  college and our youngest in Grade 1 at six years old, my husband and I learned a lot as parents, specially in trusting God to look after our kids in our absence, like when we entrust them to a school or their sports teams.

As we have experienced, there are three things, among a million other benefits that we have harvested from praying for our kids.

Firstly, prayer keeps us at peace, not in a worrisome and anxious state that could negatively affect our health us parents. Praying for our kids made us realize first and foremost that it is for our benefit. God certainly does not want us to lose our good health to worry and anxiety that’s why He encourages us to pray every time.  Instead of worrying over our kids specially when they are in school or whenever we are not with them, prayer assures us  that God will look after them, protect them, enable them to do the things they need to accomplish for the day.

Secondly, prayer illuminates what our kids are going through. Somehow, prayer leads our kids to tell us voluntarily what they went through during the day as we review their day. Prayer causes them to open their hearts to me and their dad and be truthful. Our day reviews with them. served as real intimate moments of ministering to their hearts. This way, our kids feel more secure so they don’t have to look for a peer group in the world who could understand and accept  them. But more often than not, this is wrought with a lot of pain because the world does not give as God gives. The danger of  kids finding a bad peer group that thrives on bitterness, rebellion, conditional acceptance, computer game addiction, drugs and immorality is ever present for kids who  do not feel accepted at home specially when they are faced with mistakes and failure.

Thirdly, prayer enables us not to leave anything to chance. When we pray, we are aware that our lives and that of our kids are in a constant state of battle. The Bible informs us that we have an enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy us. This enemy, who existed after his rebellion against God in the book of Genesis is not definitely just sitting idly by, happy that  we teach God’s principles to our children. No, we are not delusional to believe that. He  is working overtime together with his ilk to make sure that the family is destroyed and that kids’ lives will be  snuffed out  and be used for evil so they wont fulfill their calling in the Lord. But Thanks be to God for He has given us the victory.

We may not be superheroes but prayer has the power to cover, guide and lead our kids to the narrow path where they should be, even if we cannot fly immediately to where our kids are. Prayer makes for a real time engagement with God sans the barriers of time, geography, technology, economics, race, and language. This personal, real time, powerful engagement with the creator of the universe gives us confidence that in our kids’ lives, all bases are covered.***

– Alexander and Annabelle Bangsoy