Changing needs and lifestyles in La Trinidad


The changing demographics of La Trinidad is ushering in new needs of its residents, its transient-residents who go to the municipality to do business, send their kids to schools and tourists who discover that strawberries don’t grow on trees.

Truth is, nobody can stop migration nor the churn of the free market economy. La Trinidad is not what it used to be – just like Baguio, New York, San Francisco, or the remote provinces in China. Globalization has reached us and it is inching closer to our protected turfs faster than we could imagine. The Asean Economic Community (AEC) has brought down trade barriers and will bring in a slew of foreign goods, services without tariffs and will be sold side by side with our own, whether we like it or not. Citizens of the AEC member countries including the Philippines, are also free to do business anywhere in the AEC, including La Trinidad.

LTB Panorama 3

The changing of mindsets then is a critical pivot paradigm  to respond to the changing needs of locals and  strengthen their financial capability to keep up with the changing times. A hard asset investment for locals, like Greenfields, a Goshen Land Investment Property soon to rise in La Trinidad will help secure their future, their families and their foothold in the locality amidst  the fast-paced changes globally and in the Asean Economic Community. This is the reason why Goshen Land believes in serving the locals, the Filipinos first through Goshen Land Investment Properties like Greenfields. – from your friends in Goshen Land