We have encountered a lot of OFWs, married couples and working singles based here and abroad who asked us about investment properties. But since Filipinos are mostly emotional, they get hyped up with the idea of the moment then get uninterested the next.

It is sad though because a lot of them come home or end up spending their hard earned money on things that don’t earn them   some profit. Most of their salaries go to consumables that don’t grow income for them. It would be wise for them to learn to live an investment mindset and culture since they won’t be strong forever to earn a living by being physically present in the workplace. This blog is not an expert opinion but a simple sharing of what we learned from our own journey as learners.

So when is the right time for investment?

1. Now. You will never be perfectly ready so start immersing your interest into it now. Deciding whether or not to invest must start now. Money seems to have boosted wings. It flies away quickly from our pockets as if it hates staying there. Before your hard earned money leaves you, decide to invest now. The world does not lack stories of OFWs who wished they have invested their hard earned money wisely early. It was too late when their savings got depleted by unwise money management. Meantime, they are getting old and jobs are harder to come by. So while the sun is up and your knees are still strong, make hay.

2.Now. Now is the time to look for an investment that you could understand. It seems that get rich quick schemes always get the better part of hardworking Filipinos. The attraction of making money quickly have led a lot to traps, hopelessness, dejection and betrayal. But get rich quick scams never survive sound scrutiny. So choose investments now that will not promise you super earnings magically within a short period of time.

After the recent global recession caused by the sub-prime mortgages in the US, investment gurus have advised graciously that the best investments are those that one can feel, see, smell and hold. It is real estate property. It remains even after stock and money markets crash.

At Goshen Land where we are passionate about helping create an investment culture among ordinary Filipinos like us, we encourage married couples, working singles and OFWs to put their investment money in real estate, even if they won’t buy from us because it is an investment that is easy to understand. But of course there are a lot of investment instruments out there. However, before plunking your hard earned money in any of those, please make sure you at least know how to play the intricacies and the game of each. Be forewarned though that any investment carries with it an amount of risk, so choose wisely. We definitely wish you the best.

3.Now. Decide now to choose an investment you can understand. You have two choices: an active investment or a passive one. An active investment is a venture where you have to be physically present daily in order for it to run like a sari-sari store and others. A passive investment is one which still lets you do what you are passionate about and yet earn income from it. Goshen Land investments belong to the second category. Many of our clients are still pursuing their jobs here and abroad while their Goshen Land property earns for them through leasing or sale. The good thing is, after a client pays for his Goshen Land property which is always through installments, specially if it’s a condo unit, he could have it leased and his leasing earning could be used as down payment for another property.*** –Alexander and Annabelle Bangsoy