Prayer: Ultimate Parenting Hack

Meet the Bangsoy kids
Meet the Bangsoy kids. (Photo grabbed from Annabelle Bangsoy’s facebook account.)

There were times when we can’t quite figure out what’s causing a certain off attitude our kids were manifesting. While we wished there is a parenting pixie dust to magically transform our kids’ off attitude to a saintly one, on the spot, there isn’t. No shortcuts either. But we experienced we are neither helpless nor hopeless to just surrender to a negative manifestation in their attitudes.

Parenting is a journey we are going through and this blog is no expert opinion. In fact, our imperfection as parents makes us seek Biblical principles to help us nurture and shepherd our children in the way that they should go. It is our desire that they will choose to follow The Ancient Path, the narrow road, their Creator no matter how politically correct and noisy the wide road is.

Being digital natives, our kids were exposed to programming hacks and cheats to expedite or enable them to get ahead in the digital functions they like to perform in their electronic games. Hacking, however for us, their parents who are digital immigrants means disrupting the system. So we kinda took this digital principle to praying for them specially when we observe that they are displaying attitudes that are off tangent.

We like to share three reasons, among many others, why praying for our kids is our ultimate parenting hack:

1.Prayer teaches us to trust God to work in the hearts of our kids. Let’s admit it. Us parents are control freaks. We desire for us to have an orderly and clean house, which in our family of five kids is still a utopian dream. We desire for our kids to behave, obey, not get addicted to computer games, not get influenced by bad peers, not to rebel, and all the goody goody things we wished we were when we were younger. But what if reality is the opposite of all these things? What do we do?

Hack it. Pray. Pray to disrupt the opposite. We are not ashamed to say we have called on to God for so many times to re-direct the hearts of our kids to what pleases Him, so they wont destroy and waste their lives on mediocre things and miss out on their calling.

2.Prayer saves Dad from hypertension, Mom from diarrhea of the mouth. I still have to meet parents who were never irritated, who never got angry , never got embarrassed, and who didn’t talk non-stop to their kids in moments of great upsets. But if you are like us, who are guilty on all counts of the things mentioned, let’s pray. Let’s hack it to disrupt it towards what’s right .Prayer teaches us to be still and depend on God. It regulates my husband’s blood pressure to healthy levels and of course saves me from saying things I will regret later. From our experience, we have learned that we cannot change the hearts of our kids, in the same way that we as parents cannot change our own hearts. For us, this challenge is God’s turf. We do a lousy job doing it anyway, so we give it to Him.

3.Prayer puts our kids’ attitudes and lives in good hands. Our decision to pray to God   for our kids is personal and not dictated by religion nor dogma. We have personally experienced how God loved and cared for us, how He brought us through all our lives’ challenges up to now. He wants our kids to go to Him, as He gave them special mention in the Bible. This way, we don’t have to release our kids to the world and its traps. We are not releasing our kids to dogs.

When we pray for our kids, we are hacking the system of the bad influences in the world and boldly making a stand for our kids that they don’t have to surrender to bad attitudes, worldliness and destroy their lives. Our prayer hacks for our kids’ lives might yet be the biggest war we will embark on and the Clash of Clans will pale in comparison to its intensity.*** –Alexander and Annabelle Bangsoy