Getting Fit the Futsal Way: For the Young Once


Can one with creaky knees still engage in sports with all the threat of gout on the feet and breathing so heavy, one would think he is better off confined within the four white walls of a hospital room gulping down painkillers?

But of course before this happens, try futsal. Futsal is indoor football that could be played anywhere—in the sala, in the porch, on basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, corridors and even on the street. Unlike basketball, futsal is more friendly to the knees of those feeling their years but still desire to get fit. Since it is a team game with a mindset of fun and play, a novice player, no matter how young or old usually desires for more games and in the pro-cess get fit, unlike other rigorous fitness programs that starters usually hate to continue because it’s not fun.

It may take a lifetime for younger futsal athletes to perfect their skills but futsal for fitness takes a shorter route. A thirty minute to an hour drill practice for beginners will enable them to play the game and they will learn the rules in the process. The basic rule for futsal is it is played be-tween two teams, with five players each called five-a-side. Each team will have to shoot the ball in their own goals to make a score. Now, as in basketball, the assigned defenders in the team must try to stop the ball from go-ing into the goal by using their feet. In futsal, any kind of tackling is a violation, unlike in football.

Futsal is good both for male and female executives, office workers, parents and for just about anyone who likes to get fit in a fun way. While one can play futsal as soon as he is able to walk from the crib, futsal gives older ones an alternative for fitness training when those knees start to signal a “slowing down.” A five-minute play inside the futsal court usually makes one sweat almost immediately. It is also an indoor sport so it could be played after work at night.

FUTSAL coaches
Adults being taught and oriented on futsal.


The Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club started training its players from public schools in futsal together with DEP-ED teacher-coaches. It has a continuous Futsal Clinic at Green Valley Country Club every Saturday from 9-11 am. CGFC is currently conducting its club futsal festival for public high schools every Saturday at the Baguio City High National High School.

Interested individuals, groups and teams who like to learn futsal for fitness can contact me at CGFC 09981988719 for adult clinic schedules. *** Aris Bocalan, CGFC Coach