Afford ko na: Goshen Land Investment Properties

Tarlac Pangasinan Expressway

Democratizing the access of ordinary Filipinos in the locality to investment properties defines Goshen Land’s heart of service. This 2014, we are offering limited Goshen Land investment properties for locals as Baguio’s property values are poised to go up once the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union-Expressway (TPLEX) gets completed in 2015.

Once the TPLEX opens, the Manila to Baguio travel time will be cut in half which will spawn greater economic activity in the city and nearby towns. This is why Goshen Land encourages you to avail of its investment properties while still affordable and available. You could choose from investment lots and investment commercial and residential units. For now, an investment lot downpayment goes for a low of Php 6,000 monthly. Instead of spending this amount for non-earning spending extras that you can do without, why not start planting this amount to a Goshen Land investment lot so you could harvest its fruits then use your gains to get more Goshen Land investment properties?

As Goshen Land opened the way for ordinary Filipinos to own investment properties, those who availed of it are already looking at a return on investment even before they could fully pay their Goshen Land Investment Properties. Why? Because their Goshen Land Investment properties which were carefully selected for their top earning potential in premium locations are increasing in value through time plus the transport access developments in Luzon are increasing real estate prices in the North.

Through the TPLEX, travel time to Baguio from Manila can be shortened to about three hours and thirty minutes.
Through the TPLEX, travel time to Baguio from Manila can be shortened to about three hours and thirty minutes.

This happened in Alabang and Calamba when the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) was completed. Real estate prices increased tremendously from Php 8,000 to Php21,000 per square meter. The connector road now being constructed at EDSA to connect the North and South Expressways and the TPLEX for faster travel from Northern to Southern Luzon is a breakthrough for Luzon’s local economies. Trade and tourism demands for food, housing and services will increase. Faster access to Baguio through a three hour ride from Manila because of the TPLEX and a seamless access of Southern Luzon to Baguio through the connector road will surely drive up real estate prices in the city. And it is slowly happening now.

Take for example a lot around the Green Valley area in Dontogan barangay, Baguio. It’s a bit far from town but in 2012, its land value was Php 850 per square meter and slowly increased to Php1500 per square meter in 2013. This scenario is also repeated along Kisad Road where property values are slowly appreciating by 33 percent. In 2012, Kisad road lots commanded a price of Php 60,000 per square meter and increased to Php 80,000 per square meter in 2013.

This is the reason why Goshen Land is offering affordable investment properties to locals, to the probinsiano, to the ordinary Filipino. And yes, hindi tayo agad nagkakaroon ng malaking pera. Goshen Land Investment Properties understands this so it offers “cup of coffee and cake prices” for their daily and monthly installments. “Tingnan mo, baka magulat ka, kaya mo pala.”

Goshen Land investment lots are coveted for their strategic and premium locations because they are carefully selected for their top earning potential. This is because we believe that the probinsiano, the ordinary Filipino, the OFW toiling bravely in a foreign land deserve better.***Annabelle Bangsoy