Building and Nurturing the Character of Kids

Many times, our minds as parents get warped by pop culture that our thought patterns and mindsets follow what’s popular but not beneficial to children. We thought being in the public eye is an honor and so we tend to set up our kids for their own stage, neglecting the unseen but the most beneficial in our children’s lives—their character building.

Medals are given to kids who are strong, academic achievers, public performers, high IQ bearers. But nothing is spoken of the child who obeys, perseveres under trial and pressure, and works hard selflessly—the child whose character hates to lie or steal. The child who gets rejected by friends and classmates because he simply cannot stomach cheating during exams and sacrificed staying up late so he could finish a group assignment which nobody else wouldn’t commit to, but the next day when it is done, the group leader who did nothing owned up all the credit.

From a school work ethic and character culture, the child then moves to the workplace where many times the degrees, elementary, high school and even college accolades he gathered along the way do not get valued much. Worse, people really don’t care about it. Everyone is focused on making a living and the world seems flatter now so that those who could work well with others, whether or not they were given medals for anything back in school are the ones who excel and thrive.

Our humble experience as parents saw us giving character recognition to each of our kids at home at the end of the year during Christmas. We prepare different forms of recognition and rewards for the character trait that each of our kids have developed and displayed throughout the year.

The kids get excited over the awards and they form their own bets in their minds on who wins what. We already have one college kid but the family tradition of nurturing our kids’ character over academics or any other kind of performance still get premium attention from us as parents.

Since our kids are not perfect, neither are we as their parents, we could only ask our loving Father in heaven to give us grace to parent each of our kids who are different in every way.***Annabelle Bangsoy