North Cambridge: An Income Generating Investment Property

Start investing on income generating properties such as the North Cambridge student condominiums. North Cambridge Condominiums is the first masterplanned student condominium community located beside the Saint Louis University (SLU) Bakakeng Campus. SLU is one of the biggest universities in northern Luzon and their Bakakeng Campus has almost 8,000 students. A North Cambridge condominium offers affordable monthly payments because it can be paid in installments and it only takes monthly savings from putting off shopping from sales itemsthat isn’t necessary. North Cambridge is composed of three buildings namely Harvard, Princeton, and Wharton. Harvard and Princeton are both fully operational while Wharton is on the process of turnover with only limited units left for commercial use.


North Cambridge condominium units is an income-generating investment because your property can be rented out and it offers amenities that are attractive to potential renters like lap pool, fitness gym, free Wi-Fi, pocket parks, laundromat, parking slots, food court, and convenience store. Every unit in North Cambridge is fully furnished with hot and cold shower, granite kitchen tops, refrigerator, television, bed with comforter and pillows. Parents will also choose to have their children stay here because of the top-notch 24-hour security system with CCTVs.

Your North Cambridge unit can be enrolled in Martha, Goshen Land’s Property Management team that will look after your unit for continuous passive income. It is ideal for those who are looking for long-term, income-generating investments. The units can also be leased out for transient for tourists visiting Baguio during summer, Christmas breaks and long weekends. Tourists mostly prefer to stay in transient homes because it is cheaper and they could cook their own food.

Invest now at North Cambridge because the prices of real estate in Bakakeng have been steadily increasing because of the developments in the area which is why buying real estate now is a good choice. ***Harriet Dale Sagorsor