Teaching Kids to be Wary about Sexual Attacks

sexual attacks

1. Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)—Before we taught our kids to be on guard against physical sexual attacks from strangers and even from people dad and mom know, we taught them to guard their minds and eyes from visual sexual and immoral attacks. These visual attacks come through media channels, movies and the internet. Through years of constantly teaching them about the GIGO principle, they learned to intentionally filter out inputs detrimental to their convictions as kids who say they love the Lord. From their toddler years till their growing up years now in elementary and highschool, they would say “bad, bad” and cover their eyes when an immoral scene happens to have been inserted in the supposedly family category movie we chose to watch.

2. Consciously and intentionally build a counter culture and environment at home—Depending on your goals as a family, determine the culture and environment that you desire for your family. We believe that parents must lead their kids to paths of integrity, purity and righteousness. The challenge is for our kids to see us walk our talk in this area of our family’s life. Thus, we believe that our kids do not have to absorb and be a slave to the constant deluge of crass and immoral substance coming from both traditional and digital media. They don’t have to grow up and feed on the gyrating visual fodder and crap talk from pop culture imbued noontime shows. Our kids can have a better input than that. But then again, it must be a family counter culture and environment intentionally and consciously built by us, parents, on the right foundations. When kids grow up being comfortable with visuals of sexual immorality at home, they will lose, just like adults, the sensitivity and clarity of mind to discern right from wrong. This proves destructive to the character and destiny of a child.

3. Teach them to choose their friends—There is no reason why we should not teach our kids to be non- manpleasers. As they grow up and find themselves relating to other people, it is critical to determine their social peer influences.They have to be taught to choose their friends who will not pull them to destruction and support them in this endeavor. Assure them it’s okay to choose their friends. 😊 In our case, we exert our best possible effort to know the friends of our kids so we could guide them accordingly without transforming into helicopter parents.

4. Build a strong, open, loving, assuring personal relationship with your child—This is the protective foundation of a child who will not be fearful to tell the truth about any sexual attacks, whether they are innuendos, visual or physical just in case it happens. A strong, loving, close personal relationship between parents and children secures children immensely. It forms part of their weapon against sexual attacks. In turn, they are also taught the best way to protect their future children from the same malaise. 😊 ***Annabelle Bangsoy