North Cambridge: Your Premiere Student Condominium

North Cambridge
North Cambridge Student Condominiums

Goshen Land successfully delivered three condominium buildings to its customers at North Cambridge, beside Saint Louis University Bakakeng. Now, more than 700 tenants and unit owners are enjoying the comfort, convenience and security of their North Cambridge Baguio homes. Unit owners  at North Cambridge are now harvesting monthly rental income from their premium student condominium units.Tenants at North Cambridge

Martha., the Property Management arm of Goshen Land, go above and beyond their property management duties by acting as second parents of the students living at North Cambridge. Parents of North Cambridge condominium students are called when their children do not come home at the proper time to ensure their kids are well and safe. Martha also counsels the kids, encourages them and looks after them when they are sick. Their guard even takes the initiative to cook rice for the kids during typhoons when allowances are hard to come by. These unpaid benefits from Goshen Land are just some reasons why parents trust  Goshen Land Martha to sign their kids’ school waivers in their behalf.
 North Cambridge Students