Our Goshen Land YEP Journey

Goshen Land YEP Ernesto

Last November 7, 2015, Goshen Land kick-started the Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) to teach interested college students and young professionals the rudiments of entrepreneurship. In about eight months, some of the participants who religiously attended every training and every step of the program process were able to deliver and gain insights from the trainings they have attended.

In this blog post, we will be publishing a series of videos featuring three members of our Goshen Land YEP which will be scheduled once a month to serve as motivation and encouragement to other members of YEP and also to those interested to be part of the program.

First on our series is Ernesto Milo. This is his personal account as a member of Goshen Land YEP. Listen as he shares his journey as a young entrepreneur.

The Goshen Land YEP is a continuous program. Interested applicants can contact Harriet Sagorsor and Genalyn Ramos at Goshen Land, CYA building, Kennon Road beside Baguio Medical Center. The Goshen Land YEP program aims to help alleviate poverty among young people  and their families, teach them wealth creation for free through entrepreneurship provided that they commit themselves to focus, hard work and walk with a teachable attitude.

*Please keep yourselves posted as we will be updating this blog post for the next video to be posted on September 23.