Saving for ‘Ber Months

Filling Balikbayan Box
Are you the type who saves money to spend it on perishable stuff, gadgets, and clothing to fill a balikbayan box?

They say that during ‘ber months, people are motivated to save only to spend it on Christmas and New Year. OFWs would save as much as they can so they could buy stuff to put on their balikbayan boxes to be opened for the entire family on Christmas eve. Instead of anticipating the presence of a loved one who has been away for a long time, their presence have been replaced by presents.

Investment for family
Are you someone who would save money for something that will benefit your family for a lifetime?

There are many ways to spend money wisely. Instead of buying stuff that will easily go out of style or products that easily perish, why not save it for something that lasts such as Goshen Land Investment Properties? Your own Goshen Land investment property can be utilized as an additional source of income through leasing or transient. With this, you will no longer have to spend the holidays away from your family knowing that you have a steady source of income. Your physical presence and where you put your money is so much more than the boxes you send home.

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